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Tom Mcrae - Girl Who Falls Downstairs tab

The Girl Who Falls Downstairs

By Tom McRae


E- 022100
Asus2- x02200

Tom's been listening to Cocteau Twins, it seems... can't be arsed to tab the second guitar
so it's just this ridiculously easy stuff... Just watch the timing...

E Asus2 x 2


    E                                     Asus2           E
She says I know your face but something's strange in your eyes

     E                                  Asus2    E
Your voice I know so well, your words I don't recognise
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    E               Asus2                 E                    Asus2
And darkness creeps, borne on cold winds, blows my footprints away


And I see myself turn into something else

          Asus2              E
Turn into someone else for a while

And I know I'm right running into this night

         Asus2                 E
Running another dream into the ground

And I can't hear a whole lot else going on so just repeat the whole gubbins with those
two chords... over and over and over and over again...

Any comments (although preferably not about clumsy females...) to
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