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Tom Mcrae - Sound Of The City tab

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From the Set The Story Straight EP.


D: xx0232
Dsus2: xx0230
Dsus4: XX0233
Bm: X24432
G: 320033
A: X02220

The D chord often alternates between the sus2 and sus4, you can hear them in the song, 
in the intro, the end of every 4th verse line and in the chorus. I've just referred to 
as D here.

Intro: D Bm G x 2


So baby there you stand

A bottle in your hand

Shouting to the night

While city sleeps

Caught in the light of a car

Or subway station sparks

I see your face again

Its time to leave


A                              G
And I watch you fall, from a great height

A                              G
And you watch me fail, night after night


And still the sound

          Bm            G     D
Still the sound of the city tonight

         Bm            G      D
Keeps my dreams and my demons alive

        G              D
And baby I, I'm still alive

And the same chords for the rest of the song. Comments/corrections welcome.
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