Tom Milsom - Having Fun chords

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Bm (A whole shit ton of Bm)

What to do, what to do, what to do
Trying hard to seem mysterious while wrestling with you for fun

Marry me, marry me, marry me
Close your eyes and bite your lip and in a second it'll be all done

I thought you thought that I was pretty but it turns out that you really took an 
interest in the things I had to say
So what
Happens now

You thought I thought you were an evening's entertainment nothing more but now we're 
pissed and trading secrets on the floor
So what
Happens now

Bm   F#m    A    E

Bm                                 F#m
I don't know what my name is but I can remember yours
                   A                              E
Two vowels and two syllables and feminine but not one you hear very often these days

Bm                                        F#m
I don't know who your friends are but you seem to know all mine
               A                                         E
Two of my best friends are laughing at your joke and one makes a face that I don't recognise

Bm                                                          F#m
How's it going, what you doing, what's been happening since when we talked before
           A                                 E
Oh, that's nice for you I'm sure that you're having fun and having such a lovely time

Bm                                                              F#m
These nights are transient there's nothing in each episode that can't be washed away
By the onset of the day
But here you are still standing

~Chord progression attributed to tumblr user dayriderbusking~
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