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Tom Petty - Dont Fade On Me tab

Tom Petty & the Wildflowers
Don't Fade on Me

I dont know the picking style but I have the notes 
down just about perfect. I dont know if its supposed 
to be in drop-D tuning, but it sounds right. I cant 
figure out the timing on it. One of Tom Petty's best.

Drop D tuning

Fill A
          D chord
G|-----2--2-2-2------2--2-2-2----| (repeat several times)


"I remember..." C     G     D

Repeat Fill A about once
Repeat all twice or more (end of verse)

Repeat Fill A twice before Chorus


    F   C   D "So dont..."          "Fade"


Fill A "No don't fade on..."

|-0-(let ring)--------3p0----------|

Sometimes he ends the riff with:

     (bend with vibrato)

Its not perfect, but it should help you 
figure out the real way.

-Tim (
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