Tom Smith - Rich Fantasy Lives chords

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Rich Fantasy Lives
by Vixy & Tony (Tom Smith and Rob Balder)

C Em Am C F Em Dm G x2

      C          Em               F         G
That waitress at Pete's who took so long to seat you,
     C           Am           Dm        G
And left you to stand in the doorway,
          C           Em           F             G
With her stringy red hair and her thousand-yard stare,
        F               G          C
In her mind, she's the Princess of Norway. 

       Am                           Em
As she takes down your order, she's crossing the fjord, her
       F                         C
White stallion spits foam like a madman.
     Am                          Em
Many Vikings have died trying to take her as bride,
        Dm                      G
But her heart is reserved for a bad man.

F     G       C       Am
Rich fantasy lives.
 F                        Dm            G        
Somehow she survives in a world she contrives.
F         G            C           Am
Inhibited husbands and frustrated wives
      F    G       C       Em Am C F Em Dm G
Lead rich fantasy lives.

      C        Em     F           G
That guy from IT ressurects your PC
       C          Em        Dm       G
With a boredom he barely suppresses.
          C         Em             F       G
Though he rarely converses, he has more universes
       F          G           C
In his head than you've got addresses.

   Am                               Em
He wargames through weekends, leads armies and legions.
    F                        C
He doesn't care how well you putted.
     Am                  Em
He's browsing reality's infinite palette, he's
Dm                            G
Seen yours, and yours doesn't cut it.

F    G        C        Am
Rich fantasy lives.
   F                    Dm          G
He quietly thrives in a world he contrives.
F             G         C       Am
Techno-drone insects in cubicle hives
     F     G       C
Lead rich fantasy lives.

      Am                         Em
We're piling up fears, but we're out of frontiers.
     F                           C
Some need to escape, but there's nowhere.
      Am                       Em
Can't go to the Moon, at least any time soon,
        Dm                        G
But an inner-space trip costs you no fare.
    C         Em        F         G
So don't be unkind to a wandering mind,
     C       Em         Dm           G
Just say it again if we missed it.
     Am                   Em
Some whispering poem was calling us home
     Dm                    G
To a place we know never existed.

F     G       C          Am
Rich fantasy lives.
    F                           Dm          G
Our peace-bonded knives and our hyperspace drives.
F                 G        C          Am 
Until that steam engine to Hogwarts arrives,
        Dm    G       C       
We have rich fantasy lives.
Dm   G        C
Rich fantasy lives.
     F                            Dm      G
Our quests and our tribes and our Babylon Fives.
F               G           C            Am
Until something better than this world arrives,
           Dm   G        C
We'll lead rich fantasy lives.
Dm    G       C
Rich fantasy lives.

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