Tom Waits - Last Rose Of Summer chords

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        From the album 'The Black Rider'
        I noticed there was'nt a version up here, so thought I'd
        put up how I play it. I know it sounds a bit out and
        some of the G chords can be played as G7/B chords if you 
        like, but worth messing around with, enjoy.
             Tabbed by flatwound

                     LAST ROSE OF SUMMER

            C          Dm              G
         I love the way the tattered clouds
               C     Am       Dm    G
         Blow wind across the sky
         The summer goes and leaves me
                 G      Am  D7
         With a tear in my eye
               C            Dm      G
         I'm taking off my winter clothes
              C     Am         D     G
         My garden knows what wrong
              Dm    G         C      Am
         The petals of my favourite rose
              Dm              G
         In shadows dark and long
                 C                Dm    G
         Though every year, it's very clear
             C         Am     Dm    G
         I should be carrying on
                       Dm            G
         But I can be found in the garden
           C           A7
         Singing this song
                   Dm            G        C    Am
         When the last rose of summer is gone
              Dm            G        C        C
         The last rose of summer is gone,    gone
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