Tom Waits - Shiver Me Timbers chords

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Shiver Me Timbers - Tom Waits
Tabbed by Steve Olszewski

C/D           Am9/G       G/A
xx____        xxx___      x_____
||||*|        ||||*|      ||||||
||||||        ||||||      ||||||
||||||        ||||||      |||||*
||||||        ||||||      ||||||

 Em6         A9      
 ______      x_____
 ||||||      |||||| 
 |**|*|      ||*|*|
 ||||||      |||||*
 ||||||      |||*||

    G          C/D 
I'm leaving my family
G              C/D
Leaving all my friends
G            A7
My body's at home
       Am9/G         D7
But my hearts in the wind
          G               C/D 
Where the clouds are like headlines
     G             Am7 
On a new frontpage sky
   G              C/D
My tears are salt water
     Am9/G   D7        G 
And the moons full and high

And I know Martin Eden's
Gonna be proud of me
Many before me
Have been called by the sea
To be up in the crow's nest 
I'm singing my say
Shiver me Timbers
I'm a sailing away

Now the fog's lifting 
The sand's shifting
    A9          A7
I'm drifting on out
Am7         D9
Old captain Ahab
              D7sus4     D7
He ain't got nothing on me

(Verse Reprise)

So swallow me, don't follow me
I'm traveling alone
Blue waters my daughter
I'm gonna skip like a stone


So please call my misses
And tell her not to cry
'cause my goodbye is written
By the moon in the sky
Oh and nobody knows me
I can't fathom my stayin'
Shiver me timbers
I'm a sailing away

(Repeat first verse)
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