Tom Waits - Virginia Avenue chords

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      Fm          Bb7           Fm    Bb7
Well, I'm walking down Virginia Ave - nue,
Fm                   Bb7             Fm       Bb7 
  Trying to find somebody to tell my troubles to
Bbm                 Eb7                    Bbm      Eb7
   Harold's club is closing and everybodys going on home
Ab7                  C7
What's a poor boy to do??

              Fm           Bb7            Fm          Bb7
I'll just get back into my short, make it back to the fort,
Fm                  Bb7             Fm         Bb7 
  Sleep off all the crazy lizards inside of my brain
Bbm                       Eb7          Bbm         Eb7
   there's got to be some place that's better than this,
     Ab7                              C7 
this life I'm leading is driving me insane
and let me tell you im dreaming

guitar solo

                         Fm              Bb7
let me tell you that I'm dreaming to the twilight
     Fm              Bb7
this town has got me down
Fm                  Bb7                  Fm           Bb7
  I've seen all the highlights I've been walking all around
Bbm               Eb7               Bbm       Eb7
   I won't make a fuss, I'll take a Greyhound bus
Ab7                               C7
carry me away from here, tell me, what have I got to lose??

          Fm         Bb7           Fm    Bb7
cause I'm walking on down Columbus Ave - nue
Fm                  Bb7                Fm         Bb7
   The bars are all closing cause it's quarter to two
Bbm          Eb7             Bbm            Eb7
every town I go to is like a lock without a key
    Ab7                              C7
the blues i leave behind is catching up on me
                                  Fm       Bb7
let me tell you they're catching up on me
                    Fm   Bb7                Fm  Bb7
they're catching up on me,   catching up on me
               Fm  Bb7                Fm
catching up on me,     catching up on me
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