Tom Waits - Please Call Me Baby chords

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Intro: C    Dm7    C/E     F    Bm7       E7     Am7    Gsus4    C7

Am7   D7    Dm7    F/G     C    Dm7       C7     G7     C

C      Dm7            C/E     FM7
The Evening fell just like a star

Bm7                E7
And Left a trail behind

Am7              G7sus4         Bb9      Db7
You Spit as you slammed out the door

C    Dm7        C/E      FM7
If this is love we're crazy

Bm7                         E7
As we fight like cats and dogs

Am7             G7sus4        Bb7
I know there is got to be more

Passage into Chorus:   Am7   D7   F/G 


C       Dm7      Em7    F
So please call me baby

Bm7           E7
Wherever you are

          Am7            G7sus4                 Bb9  Db7
It's too cold to be out walkin in the streets

C            Dm7               Em7   F      Bm7    E7      Am7      
We do crazy things when were wounded every ones a bit insane

C                  Cm9         C/E         FM7
I don't want you catchin your death of cold 

       Dm7      F/G
Out walkin in the rain

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