Tom Waits - Ol 55 chords

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These are the correct chords for Ol' 55.

Gb  Bbm  Cb9   Db7  Gb   Cb/Eb  Gb

Well, my time went so quickly

I went lickety, splitly,

Cb9      Db7sus4       Gb    Cb/Eb    Gb
Out to my ol' fifty five

As I pulled away slowly

Feelin so holy God knows

Cb9           Db7sus4
I was feelin alive

         Gb    Bbm7    Cb9   Db7sus4  Db7
Now the sun's comin up

      Gb        Bbm7      Cb9   Db7sus4  Db7
I'm riding with lady luck

Gb        Bbm7           Cb9  
Freeway, cars and trucks

Db7sus4             Gb    Cb/Eb   Gb
Stars beginning to fade

Db7sus4         Gb    Cb/Eb  Gb
And I lead the parade

Db7sus4           Ebm7                
Just a wishin I stayed a little longer

Ab7                           Db7sus4                 Gb/Db   Db7sus4
Oh lord, let me tell you the feelin gettin stronger
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