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Tom Waits - All The World Is Green tab

Verse rhythm pattern:
  Bm      Em      A7      D       G7     F#7             Bm

Chorus rhythm pattern:
  G       D       A7      D       G       D       A7      D D/a A#m

Verse sequence:
Bm              Em    A7              D
I fell into the ocean  and you became my wife
G7           F#7                             Bm
 I risked it all against the sea to have a better life
           Em               A7           D
Marie you are the wild blue sky, men do foolish things
G7              F#7                        Bm
 You turn kings into beggars and beggars into kings

Chorus sequence:
   G                    D           A7               D
Pretend that you owe me nothing and all the world is green
G                      D                   A7               D     (A#m)
 We can bring back the old days again when all the world is green

NOTE: The A#m leads you back into the verse from the chorus.

Solo sequence:
The song changes key to C minor for the clarinet solo. The D/a and A#m are replaced with 
to lead you into C minor.
The solo sequence is played exactly the same as the verse sequence except that 
is moved up 1 semitone (1 fret). Stay in C minor for the last verse.
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