Tommy Walker - Only A God Like You tab

Great day!!!
Special thanks to Kuya Darwin for inspiring me to do this tab.
And I want to say hello sa lahat ng kapatid ko sa LOVE OF CHRIST CHRISTIAN FAMILY CHURCH. To our tatay 
Camilo and nanay Angie marameng salamat po.To GOD be the glory!!!
God bless, bless God and be a blessing!

This is a very great song. Enjoy!

Song: Only a God like you
Artist: Tommy Walker

e ||------------|-------------|---------------|---------------|
B ||--8-7-5-7-8-|-10-8-7-8-10-|-12-10-8-10-12-|-13-12-10------|
G ||--7-7-7-7-7-|-7--7-7-7-7--|-9--9--9-9—9---|-12-12-12------|
D ||------------|-------------|---------------|---------------|
A ||------------|-------------|---------------|---------------|
E ||------------|-------------|---------------|---------------|

Any comments and corrections are highly appreciated just call or text 09265905979.. Thanks God bless.
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