Toni Gonzaga - If Ever Youre In My Arms tab

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Title: If Ever You're In My Arms Again
Artist: Toni Gonzaga

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Intro: C-Dm-C-Dm

It all came so easy, all the loving you gave me
The feelings we shared, and I still can rememer
How your touch was so tender, It told me you cared

Bb                   EbM7        C      Gm          Bb            F    
We had a once in lifetime, But I just couldn't see until it was gone
Bb                     EbM7       Cm7         
A second once in a lifetime, may be too much to ask
Gm                 F G
But I swear from now on


C    Em        F      G     Em
If ever you're in my arms again
     Am        D               G
This time I'll love you much better
  C  Em        F       G   Em
If ever you're in my arms again
 Am      Dm           
This time I'll hold you forever
 G                C  Dm
This time will never end

I see it clearly, How I still need you near me
I still love you so, 
There's something between us that won't ever leave us
There's no letting go

Bb                   EbM7
We had a once in a lifetime3
         Cm          Gm
But I just I didn't know it
         Bb       F
Till my life fell apart
A second once in a lifetime
      Cm          Gm
Isn't too much to ask
               Bb         F-G
Cause I swear from the heart
Will never end
My Love will never end

Cause we've got the best of romances
The best of romances
Deserve second of chances
I'll get to you somehow
Cause I promise now

(repeat chorus)
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