Toni Gonzaga - If I Give Your Heart tab

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Title: If I Give Your Heart
Artist: Toni Gonzaga

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Intro: D-Bm7-Em7-A

         D                       Bm
From the day we met I knew that we were menat
  Em7                 A
You're the reason I'm here
                D               Bm
And when you said hello don't wanna let you go
Em7                       A
Yet we're strangers in love


Am7         D               G      Em7         
Being with you feels like forever after
 Am7         D           G               Em7
For all we know time will keep us together
Am7            D           Em7 F#
Sometimes our dreams do come true


E                                     C#m                          
If I give you my heart please don't tear it apart
F#m                B
Coz this heart is for you
        E                         C#m
and if i say How I feel and you'll know its for real
F#m          B
All I am is for you
    E                       C#m
But I give you my heart, If I give you my hear
F#m         B    C#m A
Please be good to me

    D                       Bm
All stars are right all the signs are right
Em7                 A 
Oh it's a magical thing,
             D                    Bm     
I know I can't be wrong the feelings just too strong
Em7                A
You make me feel so alive

(repeat refrain and chorus)


F#m              B     F#m7       B 
Someone for my soul, someone to belong
G            A
Someone to share my dreams
      G       C#
to  someone like you

(repeat chorus)
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