Tonje Srum - Forgotten This chords

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D                   G
Ohh. Do you remember the time?
D                     G
Ohh. When we didnít mind
A               D
Ooh. Can you see the light
A                D     G D
Ooh. Weíre gonna be alright

F                  C
I will never remember that time
F                   C
I will never remember yout crime
F                                   G
Hearts never heal, but so does mine
C                                        E
Say what you want Ďcause I donít mind


Say youre sorry and then ill be fine

Say youre sorry for wasting my life

I donít have any sympathy

And if you donít leave your gonna regret badly

C                          G
Theres always somewhere to go
C                                               G
Theres always someone if you look out your window
F                   Am
I donít care who your next is
F                                G
Cause ive already forgotten this


A long time ago your were one of a kind

But in my heart now you cant be find

Hearts never heal, but so does mine

Youíve got to take this as some kind of sign

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