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Tony Joe White - High Sheriff Of Calhoun Parrish chords

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Tony Joe White - High Sheriff of Calhoun Parrish (studio version)

(Intro: D, Am, D)

It was said of the sheriff of Calhoun Parrish
                      Am             D
Not to ever touch his daughter Anna Lee,
        F#m                               Hm
For to look at her with lustful eyes was certain
    G                     A       D 
To get you time in the penitentiary.

It was true, she was quite voluptuous
              Am              D 
It was true, she had eyes for me;
         F#m                            Hm 
Then one night at a dance she walked up to me
    G                 A                   D
And asked me would i meet her down by the creek

As i listened to her dangerous proposal
I thought about the high sheriff catching me
As i shook my head and quietly left the party,
I heard her laugh and say "you'll be sorry"

Then came upon my door a loud disturbance,
I opened it to the sheriff and his deputy.
He said, "son, did you molest my daughter?"
I said, "sheriff, i do not know of what you speak."

Then he grabbed me roughly by the collar
And flung me sprawling out into the street;
There were days in the jail with claustrophobia
And all on account of that wench Anna Lee

Well i finally worked a bar loose from the window
And i made my way into the woods of calhoun,
Late that night i came upon the cabin;
It was the home of Harham Cross, a friend i knew.

Would you mind if i sat down at your table
'cause it's been a while since i've had time to eat
And i'll pay y'all back when i'm able,
But right now the high sheriff is after me.
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