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Tony Joe White - Always The Song chords

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Tony Joe White - Always The Song

(Intro: Am)

Am                           G                        Am 
I remember the first time we touched we almost caught fire
Am                           G                      Am 
Right there in the middle of night we almost caught fire
C                  F            G                   C 
Burning each other down and the feeling went on and on
    Am                         G           Am
And somewhere in the background always the song

It's always there between us so strong it never breaks
Pulling us together sometimes when there's no other way
I wonder if it's more than fire that's kept us together so long
All the way down through our lives always the song

Am          G          F                           C  
Baby you're good for me and that's all I've got to say
Am                G                 F                            E 
And all the times we've been through you've been a woman all the way

(Guitar solo: chords same as in the verse)

You know when I've been wounded and I need a place to hide
You see me walking straight up but you know I'm bending inside
You try to help me handle the pain when someone I love has gone
And somewhere way out in the rain always the song
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