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Tony Joe White - Billy chords

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Tony Joe White - Billy (from "Austin City Limits")

G    C             D            G   C      D        Bm 
Billy we've come a long way together and through it all
            C                       D
You've been just like a brother to me
     G   C               D                G 
And Billy we've had our share of ups and downs
C          D                     Bm
Froze our tails sleeping on the ground
         C                       D  
When the jobs were few and far between.

           G                           C
We've been knocking around together so long
D                      G
Singing them same old songs
                        C      Am           D 
Been out in the rain so long I swear we're shrinking

Billy lately I have done some thinking.
When I look back on our lives
We've sure had ourself a time
But you know it's been a wild world we traveled
And it's startin' to unravel
We leave so many loose ends behind

We've been bucked off and kicked so many times
And the ground just keeps gettin' harder
Billy you know well as I we ain't gettin' no younger

--- Instrumental ---

Billy another summer's come and gone
Now with winter coming on
I know we planned on heading south
But Billy I thought about it several days
And these words I'm about to say
They don't taste good in my mouth

But there's someone who's waiting back home
Lord, if she'll still have me
Guess I'll be saying so long you go on without me.

         Am                    D  
Ain't no easy way of saying goodbye
       Am                           D            Em   C  D  G  
So be sure and tell 'em all down in Texas I said hi...
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