Tony Joe White - Youre Gonna Look Good In Blues chords

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Tony Joe White - (You're Gonna Look Good In Blues)

(Intro: Em, C, Em, C, Em)

There's a cold wind blowing
C          Em 
Downtown tonight
Oh, I'm all alone
C                            Em
Walking around, I don't feel right

C       D               Am (7?)
I'm so used to feeling warm
C       D                Am
Having you hanging on my arm
C         D                      Am
I can't believe you just cut me loose
       B7                 Em  
You're gonna look good in blues

They still got a cool band
In the little club where we used to go
But I don't feel the dance
Tonight I'm just too low

Oh, I gave it all I had
You say "Baby, well that's too bad"
But you'll have to pay the dues
And you're gonna look good in blues

Back in the real world
No dreams no plans
Keeping a low profile
Just getting by the best I can

But you can't kick a heart around
And leave it in pieces on the ground
Baby, it's gonna catch up with you
And you'll look good in blues
You're gonna look good in blues
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