Tony Sly - Keira chords

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                            KEIRA - Tony Sly
Tabbed by: Glorny

F Bb C F

F              Bb
lay you down tonight
      C     F
under butterflies
F                 Bb
put my headphones on
             C      F   E
i'll see you at the dawn

C                Dm
life for you is a better view
   Bb                   C
so simple and perfectly sane
C                    Dm
if i pretend that you have a god
  G              C
i know you'll be saved
       F Bb C F
hey, hey

F                Bb
build a wall for you
          C       F
so no one can get through
F                    Bb
we'll sleep away the day
              C    F   E
i'm gone when you awake

C           Dm
maybe i'm no good at this
    Bb                          C
but here's the one thing that i know
C                 Dm
think of this as a lullaby
   G             C
to listen when i go
     D C# F
no, no
     D C# F
no, no
     D C# F
no, no
no, no

F Bb C


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