Toro Y Moi - 109 chords

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Listen to the song for the rhythm and tell me if im wrong.

Chords are A Bm during the "ahhhh ahhhh" bits
A Bm D Bm
oh mister jackson, ya know i wasnt up to par
A Bm D Bm
do i come off like i dont care at all
A Bm D Bm

dont think ill fall flat onto my hands and let you stand tall (let you stand tall)
A Bm D Bm

cuz no one is the worst and no one is the best (no one is the best)
D C#m Bm E

cuz i feel like im dreaming,
D C#m Bm E

are you gonna really make me fail are you really gonna hold me back
D C#m Bm E

i don't think i like this knife at all
A Bm
Ohhhh Ohhhhhh

A Bm D Bm

if i study hard, i doubt i'd learn enough

or do you think that's right
 A Bm D Bm A

for me to be like this, the one that notices the one that gives a shit and no one notices
Bm D Bm A Bm D Bm A Bm D Bm A

i feel right in my heart, feel the night slit my throat, i said feel the knife slit my throat
⁃ Bm E D A Bm E D A Bm E D A

Stole the chords from spidersoma's cover on youtube. So most of the thanks should be 
sent their way.
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