Tower Of Power - Time Will Tell chords

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Gmaj7    C      Gmaj7       C
Amin7    D7     Gmaj7       Emin7 Amin7

Gmaj7     C
It's a rare occasion

Gmaj7          C
When your plans and expectations

Amin7           D7        
Come down just exactly how you planned them.

Gmaj7      Emin7    Amin7   D7
Hey, life's just that way.

Gmaj7                           C
You better face the facts, sweet lady,

Gmaj7              C
Things change from day to day,

Amin7                   Emin7
It all depends upon the situation,

G              Dmin7/G
Who can say, any way?

C    Cmaj7   Bmin7
Time will tell,

Amin       Gmaj7   G9
Oh, and we'll both know so very well,

C    Cmaj7   Bmin7   Emin7
Time will tell.

Emin7               Bmin7
So just be patient
Until you reach the realization

Amin7                       D7
You can't have joy without a little sadness, too,

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