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Townes Van Zandt - You Are Not Needed Now tab

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You Are Not Needed Now
Townes Van Zandt
High, Low and In Between/The Late Great Townes Van Zandt
Standard Tuning

D                                  A
Well the birds were talkin all at once
And the old man mowin down his lawn
A                                  D
He didnt look like much too bad a guy

And I was thinkin Hang on, man, somethins wrong
Your blues they do seem to be gone,
Heaven aint bad but you dont get nothin done

F#                      G
Lay down your head awhile
D           A
You are not needed now
You are not needed now

Well Allison laid an egg on me
And every time I turn around
Its swimmin through the air above my bed

And I told Miss Hicks and she said fine
Long as youre back in your room on time
Ill keep you clean the girls will keep you fed

Lay down your head with mine
You are not needed now
And we got things to do

Well between the blankets made of wool
The trains go by every half an hour
And a body cant get no restin done its true

So I spend my time as best I can
Thinkin big and makin plans
And wonderin where them trains are rollin to

Lay down your head poor boy
Feel how the ground does move
And hear how them drivers sing

Well goodbye friends its time to close
Everybody knows thats the way it goes
Where was it you lived in case Im ever there?

Well three doors down and two behind
And it gets a little bit out of hand sometimes
Dont let it fool you into thinkin you dont care

Lay down your head and fly
And Ill quietly pass you by
You wont even see me go

Well if I thought about it long enough
I just might make some kind of move
Watchful eyes are too hard on the soul

With the smokehouse just across the way
And this fog upon the light of day
Id be hard pressed comin up with where to go

Lay down your head poor boy
Feel how the ground does move
And hear how them drivers sing

And what now my darling one?
Well go find a little fun
You are not needed now.

-Chord Shapes:  I play standard shapes usually when doing this but I have the Private
DVD of his and when doing this song, I noticed he uses exclusively partial barre shapes
only makes sparing use of the bass strings, both formations are listed below.
-The last D in the chorus is a very sudden transition, took me a while to get it just
Listen to the song and youll see what I mean, also listen to get the chord changes/lyric
just right.  This was transcribed from the album version of the song which contains only 
and drums so have some fun with it, use whatever shapes you like, there really
a wrong way to go about it.  Try throwing a Gsus instead of a G for a nice subtle variation.

D: xx0232   -or-   xx0775
A: x02220   -or-   xx7655
G:  320003  -or-   xx5433
F#:  244322  -or-  xx4322

tabbed by the-ian
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