Toy Dolls - Glenda And The Test Tube Baby tab

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Glenda and the test  tube baby		By: Mad Mart

[Chorus:] NO CHORDS
Victory if Glenda she, had a baby, oooeee,

Intro: Intro: G D Em B Em B D x 2

Vers 1: G B G B D x 2

Things were looking gloomy and Glenda she was sad,
Kevin had been out with Carol Sands,
But Glenda she though surely,
It can't be that bad, if I had a baby,

[Chorus] G D Em B Em B D x 2

Glenda went round to the doctors the next day,
You can't have a baby, that's what he said,
Glenda did not give up she's got this book to read,
Of how to have a test tube baby....

[Chorus] G D Em B Em B D x 2

Glenda's Dad had just died and she was unhappy,
If only she could have a baby,
So to the disapproval of Kevin and his mam,
She signed up for a baby...

[Chorus]     G# D# C G C G D# x 4    Then: G# G# G# | C# C# C# | G#
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