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Trace Adkins - Dont Lie tab

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trace adkins don't lie.  the strum patter goes like this. down, base, down, down-up, 
just repeat; < means down strum, . means base note, > means up strum.

 G       C        G              D    G
 < . < <> < . < <> < . < <> <    <    <
                                     E------------|   this pattern is used
                                     B------------|   roughly the same
                                     G-----0------|   through the whole song
                G             C             G
                <  . <    <>  <  .  <   <>  < .  < <>  < . <  <>
verse: that old photograph of us sure looks outta place

G                     D       G
<  .  <   <>  <       <       <    ><   same strum pattern in chorus just
layin on your bag out in the hall.     replace base note with regular strum

             G   C            G              C      D               G
chorus:don't lie don't try to fool me, cause girl i know what's goin on

       G   C             G     Em             C           D
 don't lie you owe it to me, believe me leave well enough alone.

        G            C       D              G
 so just go ahead and say goodbye, but don't lie.

 next verse and chorus two more times. the rest of the chords and lyrics can be found on 
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