Trace Adkins - When I Stop Loving You chords

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Now, this is my first attempt EVER to figure out the chords of a song and I'm   15 years 
old so sorry if it's not accurate what so ever, haha.


       D                         A
I was sitting in a truck stop, overheard a conversation
        G               A                  D
He was spilling out his heart and soul to her
             D                               A
He had that diamond in his hand, he was a lovesick, desperate man
G                    A                 D
Trying with all his might when he found the words

And he said

                 D                          A
There'll be no peaches down in Georgia, no oil in Oklahoma
    G                    A
No sun in Arizona, no stars in California
    D                         A
No cowboys out in Texas, no wheat fields in Kansas
     G        A        D
No Colorado skies of blue

When I stop loving you

Then it just goes on like that :)
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