Tracy Chapman - Lose Your Love chords

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The whole song goes on with 4 chords:

C G a F (each one lasts two bars)

I didn't do the exact tab, but I suggest you to do a little arpeggio on that, some 
with those four chords.

I play something like that (with a lot of variations, not to make it to boring, cos this 
quite a long song), but its only kindda my vision that I find suiting right:

   -C-      -C-     -G-    -G-     -a-      -F-    -F-

!Notice, that the lyrics in each line start in the middle between 1st and 2nd bar of 1st 
(which is C or a, depending on the line), what I mean is that 2nd bar starts at the 
syllable of each line. While the other two chords (G, F) start at the last syllable in line!
Hope you'll find this helpfull in sorting out when to start singing (of course the best 
just to listen to the original track) :)

C     C                    G   G
   If I should lose your love
a     a                    F   F
   I hope my heart will break

A second just before
The feeling goes away
Cold and dark and still
Let that be the state
No heat no light no tremor
No welcome for the pain

If I should lose your love
Let my mind draw a blank
A second after all
Your love's gone away
Silent calm and clear
Let that be the place
An empty hollow void
Where nothing is contained

If I should lose your love
This body will be my grave
And from that moment forth
Best I should fade away
To vapor dust and sand
To drift through time and space
Forever and until
All has been erased

If you got any comments on this one, any suggestions to make it better, do not hesitate 
post it:)
Grzesiek (del_greg)
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