Tracy Chapman - Save Us All chords

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Save Us All Ė Tracy Chapman  ;   Intro	    -	Key E
[E] I know Jesus loves me 
In my heart I know it's true 
[A] I know Mary's little baby 
[B] Came into the world, just to save me 
[E] I don't know about you 
[E] My Godís a mighty big God 
My God can shake the world up 
[A] Plagues and famines, frogs and locusts 
[B] Walking on water, burning bushes 
[E] Rolling the thunder, and parting the waters too 
[E] My God is good in the kitchen, 
make a good meal from bread and fishes 
[A] Feed the hungry, pour the wine 
[B] Everybodyís welcome to have a good time 
[E] Sit at his table, enjoy the food 
[E] I know Jesus loves me, he says, I should love you 
[A] My neighbour not his wife, 
[B] Don't covet steal kill or lie  
[E] My Gods got a lot of rules        		SOLO
[E] My God made creation 
Six days work one day vacation 
[A] Made a garden, filled it with apples 
[B] Adam and Eve they walked around natural 
[E] Until they are that one piece of bad fruit 
[E] I've heard that your Godís older 
Buddha Allah Krishna 
[A] Manifest with many faces 
[B] Worshipped the world over in foreign places 
[E] I assume your God must love you 
[E] I know Jesus loves me 
my God is good and great and true 
[A] But if pride go it before the fall 
[B] I hope someoneís God will save us all, save us all 
[E] And love the sinners too		x REPEAT
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