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Tracy Chapman - First Try tab

Hey this is my first excuse any mistakes! But this is for the main guitar, 
are three in total (i think) but at the moment i only know the lead... Here goes and good luck!
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E ----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------------------------------------------|
D -5-----------------3-----------------1-----------------3--------------|
G ----7-7--5-5--3-------7-7--5-5--3-------7-7--5-5--3-------7-7--5-5--3-|
B ----------------------------------------------------------------------|
e ----------------------------------------------------------------------|

E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D -5-----5---5--------3-----3---3---------1-----1---1--------3-----3---3----|
G -----3-------3----------2--------2----------2--------2---------2--------2-|
B --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Can't run fast enough, Can't hide, I can't fly ect...
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