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Tragically Hip - Silver Jet chords

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the tragically hip - Silver Jet

"In Violet Light"

here's the basic idea for the verse:
fig. 1 (F#5, A)


          F#5               A
there's a still in the night
  F#5          A
a tuneless moonlight
F#5                            A
just the i-need-you-and-here's-whys of
B                    A
snoring Gords and Cheryls
          F#5             A
there's a heron outside inviolate light
F#5                 A
there's an urge to go, a shadow,
  B                 A
a heightened air of peril


your heart jumps too
my heart jumps too
i think to myself, 'i don't even know
my heart.' and as you whisper

'me too'
D                         D5 E5
silver jet roars overhead
rocks the nocturne all everglade
and grey shears silver jet
                   D5 E5
so far off already
ya fought the hot spurs off

all the way to cape spear

It's quiet again
When a car like Big Ben
It's radio dopplerin'
'...'and for all you Gregory Peck fans...
-Let Us Now Praise Famous Men-
To take some pressure off all the wonderous
To fight' and
Your heart jumps to
And my heart jumps too
As if the Wolves of Northhumberland themselves
Were rumoured to be en route
Silver jet, way overhead
Yer an archipelago, a satllite,
A green star
Silver jet, so far off already
With your I-need-you-and-here's-why
Flying to the next part

Your heart jumps to
And my heart jumps too
I'm thinking, to myself, 'packing,is a secret heart'
And as you whisper, 'me too'
Siler jet roars overhead
Silver jet flying to the next part
Silver jet so far off already
Silver jet, a satellite, a green star
Silver jet way overhead
Silver jet evergladed grey sheers
Silver jet, so far off already
Silver jet Clayqout sound to Cape Spear
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