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Train - 50 Ways To Say Goodbye chords

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Ebm Abm Db F# B Bbsus Bbmaj7

 Ebm    Abm     Db     F#     B     Abm   Bbsus  Bbmaj7
e|-6-  e|-4-  e|-4-  e|-2-  e|-2-  e|-4-  e|-6-  e|-6-
b|-7-  b|-4-  b|-6-  b|-2-  b|-4-  b|-4-  b|-6-  b|-6-
g|-8-  g|-4-  g|-6-  g|-3-  g|-4-  g|-4-  g|-8-  g|-7-
d|-8-  d|-6-  d|-6-  d|-4-  d|-4-  d|-6-  d|-6-  d|-6-
a|-6-  a|-6-  a|-4-  a|-4-  a|-2-  a|-6-  a|-8-  a|-8-
e|-x-  e|-4-  e|-x-  e|-2-  e|-x-  e|-4-  e|-6-  e|-6-

The strumming pattern is basically:
-Pluck the bass note (first note) of the chord
-Then roll the rest of the chord with your fingers or pick
-up up/down

do this for every chord

so pluck, roll, up, up/down

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