Trampled By Turtles - November chords

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The chords are the same throughout the entire song, 
i can't find the lyrics anywhere so i did my best, 
there are a couple parts that are damn near unintelligible,
oh well, you came here for the chords didn't you? All hail the greatest bluegrass 
band on earth, TBT!

Capo 3 

INTRO C - G - F-C-G-C  (play the c-g-c real quick-like)

C                        F
it's alright mama, it's so good to see you
C                        G
we've been out hiding for such a long time

lonesome hillside surrounding november

wish it'd stay the same for your whole life

Am                  G        C
the tragic church bells ring for free
Am               G       C       G  
hollowed out for you and me 

I was drunk sunday so i don't remember

images come flowing like a river so wide

i was on a rooftop when i first discovered

that you hold all your pain like a (no idea what he says here...)

Under revolution clouds

You fight to come up and i fight to come down 

everytime we find something peaceful

i have to go and tear it all down 

but the weather don't lie babe and you can't either

ever since i came to this faithless town

your darkened debt don't bother me

it blinds me like the morning sun

song ends on the intro chords C-G-F-C-G-C
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