Trampled By Turtles - Duluth chords

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Song: Duluth
Artist: Trampled by Turtles
Album: Duluth

Standard tuning

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       G        D
I can love you baby
          G      D
Like you need me to
            G     Bm
You'll give up on me
I'll give up on you
        G             D
In the lines and the shadows
          G      D
Where my fear resides
         G           Bm
I can't go out that door
It's so warm inside

--Solo section in Bm--

        G         D
We can lie like sinners
             G         D
Breathe the air like children
           G                Bm
You could lead and I could follow
All those times are gone
         G        D
Still I love the quiet
     G            D
Of Duluth in the winter
         G     Bm
In the sacred bond
            A           D
There's no place like home
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