Trampled By Turtles - Again chords

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Pure and simple, just like most TBT. Wonderful song. Here's what it sounds like. Can't 
imagine this is very far off...

I don't know what this chord is called. Something like A5, which is what I'm going to 
call it:
A5: 002200

Intro is just E. Strum and pluck the high e and b like he does. Listen to the song, it's 
super easy.

Then it's...

E               A
Living like a window
A5          E
Stuck wide open
Take it all in
                  A              E
But don't let it burn you out
             A             E
I know you have your doubts
            A                B
But just forget them now

       A   E
Will I see you
       A   E
Will I see you
       A   B
Will I see you

Dreaming doesn't make much
Sense anymore
All the demons
They're howling at your door
Still you beg for more
Ain't it over yet

Will I see you
Will I see you
Will I see you
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