Trampled By Turtles - My Brother Works For The Cia chords

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not perfect, but better than nothing. Chord progression stays the same throughout



              F             C            F              C  
Im still looking out your window,  your shady tones of home. 
        F              C               G
Where dusty memories echo down like rain.
        F                   C       F              C
And the years grow ever longer, the days go flying by,
    F                 C           G              C
but I cant wait til you and I are finally home again.

            F            C                G            C
Well there aint no easy answers when the circus is in town,  
 F               C               G
troubled juries hang each other dead. 
         F                C          F             C
And the TVs filled with poets, who only write in rhyme, 
         F                    C        G             C
and my brother works for the CIA when hes not doing time.


When comfort comforts no one, surrounded by your name, there is no one that I can talk to now.

And this town is a painting, and I am but a dream, 

so come live me outside the lonely fields of midnight may


And when the nighttime tricks me to believin Iím the same, 

as every barstool in this god damn place. 

You come put your arms around me, slowly say my name. 

So come live with me outside the lonely fields of midnight may 


Original played with no capo (standard tuning)
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