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Trashcan Sinatras - Hayfever tab

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From: Lee Eugene T 




F#m             D   F#m                    D
Hello, I'm Harry.  I've had women I've had germs
F#m                       D      F#m                      D
They're eerie, wild and wailing and seductive in small doses
D          E  A         D
Only one way, only one way
D               E              D
Why can't we take a couple of tablets?
Hello, I'm Harry.  Did you receive the letter sent?
The cheque enclosed the ngatives?
Well here's some headlines current and sensible -
D            E                       A
Moscow's in Ayrshire, what's the problem?
  D                Bm
Should I throw my tammy in the ring
    E           A
And run for President
Ooh, it's farmed out, ooh it's penned in
Ooh, I'm left in no doubt.
D               Bm
I'm Harry, Hello
      A               D
Hey I'm Harry, Hello


D             E           A
You want me, you want me, do I?
F#m         D               E
Arsenic be judge, gin be jury
D                             E
The chocolate's watching, the cuckoos are clocking me
A                           D
They leave me alone in my sulk
               Bm              E
Stalking a beautiful girl in a rural spot
          D                E
I gets larger as she gets nearer

A                        D      E
There's only one way, oh way oh way

The rest is just chemistry


hope people still like the trashcan sinatras, i especially love this song
send corrections/ comments to address above.

finishing up on obscurity knocks still
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