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Trashcan Sinatras - Send For Henry tab

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 19:19:21 +0100
From: (Gunnar O. Haereid)
Subject: Send For Henny chords

This is how I think Send For Henny is played. Mail me for corrections:

The TrashCanSinatras: Send for Henny
E           F#m       G#m     A
You lead me headlong to the place where I belong
E      F#m      G#m         A
Given big blows to what my heart knows
C#m          B        A
Old hat and old stories

E               F#m          G#m              A
I get a little red and I'll burst rather than wax and melt
E               F#m
I get a little red
G#m               A
And recalled how I cursed the fact of your tortured trust
A                  B
Now that's gone I was so wrong
A    E    A    E
We know where our love lies
A                 B
Through the catacombs we roam
E             F#m    G#m           A
Come into my house throw open the windows wide
E             F#m       G#m        A
Then back to your house to do likewise

A                  B       A   E    A   E
Chliche time more or less, I stake my claim
      A                      B                   A
You stake my heart, striking dumb then dearly depart
          E       D                A
When it gets too heavy, send for Henny
I'll follow her

A                 Bm            C#m     D
Where wet nurse apologies and putrid prisons mix
A          Bm                  C#m
Our love becomes this useless box of tricks
          D                B
When it seems so heavy, send for Henny
Ill follow her
Follow her
Follow her
Follow her
Follow her
Follow her

E   F#M   G#m   A

E   F#M   G#m   A

E   F#M   G#m   A

E   F#M   G#m   A   G#m   A   E

Gunnar O. Haereid               "Call, collect and gather me,
                                 take me intravenously."                     The TrashCanSinatras
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