Travie Mccoy - Dr Feel Good Ft Bruno Mars chords

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                         Dr Feel Good - Travie McCoy Ft Bruno Mars

Tabbed By: VelvetAssassin

This tab is for the live acoustic version that Bruno Mars plays while on the sets of 
Billionaire. To check out the video go here:

There are just 4 chords which are repeated throughout the song. They are:

Dm    x57765

Em    x79989

Asus4 x779810  or xx79810  (That's a ten in the end, not one and zero)

A     x77989   or xx7989

I'm sure the name of the last two chords are incorrect but their root string has that 
note, and the non-barre chords sound similar.


The chorus is as follows:


Em                                   Asus4       A
Won't you come and help me take this pain away...



Em                            Asus4              A
Give me what I need to get me through the day...

I want that feel good

That feel good

That feel good.... yeah.


And thus it goes on continuing in the same manner. Please watch the video while learning 
this song to figure out the strumming pattern.

ThanQ for reading.
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