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Travis Tritt - Son Of The New South chords

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Son of the New south
Travis Tritt
Stnd Tuning

   D                             C
Raised a child of farmer folks down in the Southern land
    G                                       C          G     D
I worked all day in the summer sun 'til my back was leather tan
Now I've been called hillbilly, I've been called a redneck too
 G                                         C         G         D
But I ain't backwards, dumb or poor, I'm just red, white and blue

        G                    D 
Son of the New South, step-child to Uncle Sam
   C         G              C            G           D
Baptized in 100 proof and saved by the blood of the lamb
             G                 D
This is the New South, still drink our tea from a Mason jar
              C               G                C       G      D
We're the backbone of this country and we're proud of who we are

C  G  D

From Richmond to Montgomery From San Antone to Caroline

There's a brand new spirit sweepin' in Like wind through Georgia pines

I hold on to some old ways I ain't scared to try the new 

But what it comes to what I change I'll be the one to choose

[Repeat Chorus]

Solo:  G  D  C  G  C  G  D  
(basically the first two lines of the chorus)

Well the times are a changin'
And the South has come of age
We've put the past behind us
It's time to turn the page

Repeat Chorus x2

C  G  D  x2
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