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Travis - Shes So Strange tab

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She's So Strange by Travis
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G     D  G
She's so strange
         Bm          Em
And she wore a black moustache
G        Bm              Em
And she pilfered all the petty cash
Am         D
She went to Birmingham
Am             D
She'll soon be in the can
G     D  G
She's so cruel
        Bm        Em
And she knew just what to do
G             Bm            Em
And while the cats were all sniffing glue
Am                D
They played their silly games
Am              D
And now they'll take the blame

G     D  G
She's so poor
          Bm       Em
And only now she's looking back
G            Bm         Em
She sees her story on a paperback
Am           D
What will become of her
Am               D
There's not much left for her

Am D (to the end)
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