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Travis - Love Will Come Through chords

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So what I have done with this song is just taken the chords and put them in the lines, 
which makes it easier to play it (for me anyway.) If you want the riff that goes with it 
there are plenty of tabs for it and it's pretty easy. Hope you enjoy! :)

Love Will Come Through - Travis

Bm G D F#  - These chords repeat throughout the whole song
Bm G D F#

 Bm             G
If I told you a secret
     D            F#
You won't tell a soul
Bm                  G
Will you hold it and keep it
D       F#
Bm                  G
Cause it's burning a hole
 D                  F#
And I can't get to sleep
Bm               G
And I can't live alone in this
D       F#
so look up

Pre Chorus:
Take it away
     D                      F#
Don't look da-da-da- down the mountain
Bm                 G
If the world isn't turning
 D                 F#
Your heart won't return
Bm      G         D    F#
Anyone, anything, anyhow

Bm      G       D      F#
So take me don't leave me
Bm    G       D      F#
Take me don't leave me
Bm    G                                D            F#
Baby, love will come through it's just waiting for you

Bm                   G
Well I stand at the crossroads
 D               F#
Of highroads and low roads
Bm                       G
And I got a feeling it's right
D                     F#
If it's real what I'm feeling
Bm              G
There's no make believing
D                 F#
The sound of the wings
Bm                 G
of the flight of a dove

Repeat Pre chorus

Repeat Chorus
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