Travis - Shes So Strange chords

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tabbed by Ariff R.
Twitter: @Ariffuuu

I have forgotten some chord names, but I gues you should know through these tabs. Sounds 
about right.

She's So Strange
The Man Who (1999)

Chords used:
"F#"   xxx676
D      xx0232
G      320033
G/F#   200033
Em     022000
Am     x02210
Am7    x02010
C      x32010
Dsus4  xx0233
Dsus2  xx0230


"F#"  D  G
She's so strange
G   G/F#                     Em
And she wore a black moustache
G   G/F#                     Em
And she pilfered all the petty cash
Am7         D        Dsus4    D   Dsus2  D
She went to Birmingham
Am7         D        Dsus4               D
She'll soon be in the can

She's so cruel
And she knew just what to do
And while the cats were all sniffing glue
They played their silly games
And now they'll take the blame

She's so poor
And only now she's looking back
She sees her story on a paperback
What will become of her
There's not much left for her


C          Am          D
"She's so... Ohhh"
C          Am          Dsus4    D    Dsus2  
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