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Travis - Indefinetly tab

Indefinitely By Travis

Transcribed by Mario Jaconelli (

Capo on the 2nd Fret!!!!!!!!!


D11:    X54030
Em7:    022033
A7sus2: X02230
B7 :    021202


Verse Riff..

:>>> (Hammer On)
[ Tab from: ]
(Repeat Riff)
Everyday in every way I'm falling
                                       C-(Slide)-> D11
Everything that everyone says turns me on
        Em        C
Shine a light on me
        Em           A   A7sus2   A
So that everyone can see
        G         Em7    G      Em7     
That I wanna stay here, indefinitely.
Time exist but just on your wrist so don't panic.
                                          C-(Slide)-> D11
Moments last and lifeimes are lost in a day
              Em              C
So wind your watches down please 
              Em           A   A7sus2   A
Cos' there is no time to lose
         G         Em7       G    Em7
And Im gonna stay here....Indefinitely
         G         Em7       G       Em7
And I wanna stay here so just let me be

         G        B7       C                Am
Now I can see the light circling round your reflection

Bridge:      G         B7       C      Am

         G         Em7       G    Em7
And Im gonna stay here....Indefinitely
         G         Em7       G    Em7
And Im gonna stay here....So just let me be



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