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Treephort - It Takes Talent To Scream Into A Microphone chords

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I Was Looking On Ultimate Guitar And Seems
Theres No Treephort Tab So I Thought I'd Tab
My Fave Song Off Of The Enchanted Forest
No One But Me Would Search Treephort Tab
So This Tab Will Go To Waste Oh Well

This Song Is Just These 3 Chords With Different Strumming Patterns It's Easy To 
Work Out Here's The Chords
A5, B5, C#5
Here's The Lyrics For Free
Verse 1
Your Band Does A Good Job At Being Boring
Thank You For Not Offending Me
I'm Sure When Your Out Of State Touring
You'll Be Putting The Audience To Sleep
Verse 2
It's Customary For The Band To Complain
About The Weather In Every City
The Singer Says He's Sorry His Throat Is Out Tonight
But The Crowd Doesn't Care Cause He Is So Pretty
Verse 3
You May Say That We Suck
You May Be Wrong You Maybe Right
Let Me Tell You Something All You Real Musicians
We Didn't Learn To Suck Over Night

Well Thats It If Those Lyrics Are Wrong It's Cause There Of The Top Of My Head Add Me :P
I Have To Put This Here To Prove Treephort
Are A Real Band who are signed =[ I Think They Should Know Lol
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