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Trey Parker - Baseketball Car Song tab

This is a tab of the song in the movie baseketball where the car radio is 
playing.Trey parker rules.

this is normally played on piano but i put it into guitar form.

E                          B
you're lifes spinnin outta control
seems the whole worlds out to get you
E           B                  A
everythings wrong nothin seems right
E                       B
theres a sinking feelin inside
even your best friends turned his back
E                             B                    A
but you cant let it bring you down no youve got to fight
        E           B        A
cuz you try but you cant let go

E                                     B
its when your down that you gotta get up
dont let em walk all over your face
E                      B                  A
fight for yourself and make everything right again
E                           B
even if some guys tryin to blackmail you 
and your girlfriend thinks you suck
E                         B                           A
its up to you to let them know that it was all part of some rich guys plan
E                       B
look out ahead theres a truck changin lanes
and you got some yellow crumbs on your upper lip
E                             B
those warts on your dick aint gonna go away
unless you start usin topical cream everyday
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