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Tribes - Sons And Daughters chords

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Sons and Daughter By Tribes
Tabbed by Charlie Tilley


E ---                           B --- 
Heard the story of the world last night
C#m ---                                 A ---
Where the kids don't read, and the kids don't write
B ---                                         C#m --- 
Where the girls don't sing, and the boys don't fight
A ---                         B ---
and no-one believes anything

Shut my eyes and I took myself there
Threw off my shoes, felt the wind in my hair
Put down my drink, and pulled up a chair
Felt the sun go down on me


Pre Chorus

A ---
We're drinking holy water
E ---
Sleep with your sons and daughters
A ---
Dancing the english way
B ---
And it won't be the same


E ---        A -          B -
Ahhhhh, No rest for the wicked
E ---                A -           B -
(Yeah Yeah Yeah)  No peace for the crooked
C#m ---               A -      B -   E ---
Yeah Yeah Yeah   Nothing left for me
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