Trinity Christian Centre - To You Our Majesty chords

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G/B     C        D       G
Here we stand before our King
C                     D
Honour and worship we bring
G/B    C    D      Em
We cannot deny You praise
         C      G/B      Dsus D
Take all we have within

   G               Cmaj7
We stand here with wide open arms
 Am7                     Dsus D
Amazed at what You’ve done
All splendor and majesty
C                   Am7              Dsus D
Glory and praise to You our Lord and King
G      Cmaj7
Jesus, Your name be praised 
                 Am7             D   D/C
We lift You high above all else
    G/B                  Cmaj7
Today and forever all glory belongs
   Am7       Dsus  G/B  C  Dsus D
To You our majesty

G/B    C          D       G
In our hearts and in this place
C                   D
Your name be lifted high
   G/B    C      D     Em
To You we cry be glorified
       C      G/B     Dsus D
Jesus, Name above all names

  G/B  C    Dsus  D
Forever all glory
    G/B      C     Dsus D
To You our majesty
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