Tristan Prettyman - The Rebound chords

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The Rebound by Tristan Prettyman
Artist:    Tristan Prettyman
Song:       The Rebound
Tuning:    Standard
Tabbed by: Donnie Niemi
Email:     dniemi3 at hotmail dot com


A       577655
Am7     575655
Bm      799777
D       X00232
D7      X00212
Em      779987
G       355433

Rhythm:  DUD  UU-UDUD

Basic rhythm goes down, up and chop (muted) down.  Then you mute all strings do UU 
(slight pause) UDUDU

Example with D shape:

      D  U  D(chop)  U D   U D U D U
E |---2--2--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|
B |---3--3--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|
G |---2--2--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|
D |---0--0--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|
A |---0--0--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|
E |---------x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|

Rhythm for Cedar & Gold album version:  D-D-D  DU-Chop

Basic rhythm goes down down down and then down, up chop (muted) quickly.  
The first three downs you emphasize bottom strings (bass), then more on the top 
strings (high pitch) for the Down, Up Chop which is done quickly.

Example with G shape:

      D   D   D   D U C
E |---------------3-3-x-- |
B |---3---3---3---3-3-x-- |
G |---4---4---4---4-4-x-- |
D |---5---5---5---5-5-x-- |
A |---5---5---5---------- |
E |---3---3---3---------- |

Intro:    D  G  B  A  

      D           G
I saw you, at the produce stand
       Em                         A
By the tangerines, bananas in your hand
            D                G
We talk for five, yeah maybe more
                Am          D7   Slide up
You donít got a girlfriend, anymore
                  G                   A
And youíre pretty hot, and Iím always down
        D  (slide up)
For the rebound


               D slide up       G
Gotta knock it off, Gotta go to bed
             Em                  A
You and your Bananas, Stick in my head
             Am           D7   Slide up
But then you called, So I came
                Am                 D7   Slide up
Thatís what she said, For ten days straight
          G                    A
So hit me up, Cause Iím always down
        D  (slide up)     G
For the rebound

A                 D          B
I lost my number, Can I have yours and Iím
Em                   D      A
not positive, But Iím pretty sure
          G                 A
That your pants, Would look better
On my floor
             D (slide up)   G
Tell me your name, One more time
        B                              A
While I check you out, At the checkout line
         Bm                  D7
You wave goodbye, And now he knows
           Bm                 D7
That magic happens, At Trader Joeís
          G                    A
So hit me up, Cause Iím always down

              D             G 
For the rebound 
              D             G 
For the rebound 
              D             G 
For the rebound 
For the rebound 
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