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Trocadero - Steady Ride Gun Metal Green tab

Title: Steady Ride (gun metal green)

Artist: Trocadero

Album: Roses are Red, Voilets are Blue

Time: 4:23

(Intro) 0:00 - 0:15 and some other parts as well
E|---------------------|---------------------|---------------------|    |---------------------|
B|---------------------|---------------------|---------------------|    |---------------------|
G|---------5--------7--|---------5-----------|---------------------| or |---------5-----------|
D|---5--7-----5--7-----|---5--7-----5--7-----|---------5-----------|    |---5--7-----5--7-----|
A|---------------------|------------------5--|---5--7-----5--7-----|    |------------------7--|
E|---------------------|---------------------|------------------5--|    |---------------------|

Sorry I couldent figure out any of the rest besides some of the outro

(Outro) 3:39 - 0:00 might need correcting
E|---------------|-------------------------|      |---------------|-------------------------|
B|---------------|-------------------------|      |---------------|-------------------------|
G|---------7--5--|---------5--7---3--/5-5--|  or  |---------5--3--|---------5--3---1--/3-3--|
D|---5--7--------|---5--7------------------|      |---3--5--------|---3--5------------------|
A|---------------|-------------------------|      |---------------|-------------------------|
E|---------------|-------------------------|      |---------------|-------------------------|

That part of the outro is done on piano but i like
it on guitar as well

Thankyou this was my first tab

any corrections please comment

Tabbed By Zortak6

This is all my work
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