Troy And Gabriella - I Gotta Go My Own Way chords

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Hi Its Shane.....Its My First Post....And I'm Sure its 100% Correct....!!!! I 
played it along with the track and it was so cool.....!!!! Its damn simple....So 
lets go....!!! :)

Capo 2



This pattern can be used throughout the song.......!!!!! Or U can even Modify 
it......I'll Put later...the modified version.......

So the chords Used are.......

Em7     022033
Cadd9   032033
D Major 000232
G Major 120033
D*      000235

Don't Forget to put capo...On 2nd Fret

Em7     Cadd9             D  

I gotta say what's on my mind.
Em7       Cadd9       D
something about us doesn't
seem right these days.
Em7         Cadd9         D
life keeps getting in the way.
Em7              Cadd9               
whenever we try, somehow the plan
is always rearranged
Cadd9           Em7
It's so hard to say,
           D              G
but I've gotta do what's best for me.
Cadd9       D
you'll be okay  

     Em7         Cadd9
I've got to move on
    D        D*    
and be who I am
  Em7        Cadd9      
I just don't belong here
  D               G            
I hope you understand
Em7               Cadd9  
We might find our place
           D     G          
in this world someday
    Cadd9     D 
But at least for now,

I gotta go my own way.

Same For 2nd Verse And Bridge....!!!!!! ;) Enjoy..........
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